Going Nowhere, etc. 

So tragic, and so cold. 

The perpetuity of this 

fucking cement block 

I carry 

just to fall back down. 

The ever so slightest wind,


The hilltop

reveals an upside down 

city of light. 

My city of light 

that has dimmed

all but to ash for me. 


A time, in a life, of a person, on a rock, in the universe. 

A life that has moved 

on from me;

A surround 

of cottony clouds 

on the bluest day. 

Away, was always 

their intention.

Cannot fault them for that. 
A sadness, in subtle hum

as I sit among treasures. 

Breath so gilded. 

And, I do not know 

what evaporates gold,

but it must run true in me.