It is

Years. Years in delusion,

that this story isn’t written.

Years. Years of blind belief

that I need just wait,

to just, hold on, for a


better than any fantasy

anyone could write.

Funny, that holding on

could be an option.

There is no letting go

of something so

woven to my skin.

Years. Years to be decades then.

It does not matter.

It is.


Glutton For

These memories are a remote

control within too close a reach.


All There Is And Will Ever Be

A person.

Your person,

and there’s nothing

worse than being



Keep You

Keep you alive

through the only life line

that I haven’t managed to sever.

Words; and how I need them

to keep you alive forever.


Two lines

Won’t be right,

for the rest of my life.


Living Ghost

Another night.

You were with me;

the in-between of

a dream and a nightmare.


You felt so close to touch;

still further away than

I know how to stomach.

Oh, living ghost,

what will become,

of the depths

that you hold in me.