Two lines

Won’t be right,

for the rest of my life.


Living Ghost

Another night.

You were with me;

the in-between of

a dream and a nightmare.


You felt so close to touch;

still further away than

I know how to stomach.

Oh, living ghost,

what will become,

of the depths

that you hold in me.


Okay, I’ll fucking say it;

I live broken. I am broken.

And, I keep wishing on the

fix, the moment, a movement

that isn’t coming.

I have to run. To go.

To get away, to be, away;

From everything

that never left.

Elevate Me Later

The silence now, I get it.

From a damage

that I can never will undone.

Time, and its meaning to me;

I know I live my life as the only one.

And I don’t care what they say

about it, about me; I don’t.

I know I live my life as the only one,

I know I am alone.

Unknown, unsaid. 

Catatonic to, 

the absence of 

who I was when,

that was the time,

and those were the 

laughs and memories 

and inside things and 


we shared. 
Fuck it. I’m not fooling 

myself to say that there’s 

nothing apathetic about the 

chronic grip on my stomach. 
Shit free verse to yell 

that I remember that time 

driving. I remember every, single 

second. I can see it, I can touch it, I can feel it.  

And if I put it one small detail would you too? 

Going Nowhere, etc. 

So tragic, and so cold. 

The perpetuity of this 

fucking cement block 

I carry 

just to fall back down. 

The ever so slightest wind,


The hilltop

reveals an upside down 

city of light. 

My city of light 

that has dimmed

all but to ash for me.