Year over year over year 

What was I 

ever doing 

and what am I 

doing now. 


black book;

the names of people 

I thought I’d still know. 


Hold Your Line, Hold Your Life

And it’s a fight daily;

bar back demons in your head. 

The things you just aren’t doing;

what you choose instead. 

Trade offs to concessions,

for what you think will be 

of matter in the end. 

Fuck it. Do what makes you. 

Do what makes you free. 

No Quarters

My dearest; I will not

bind to you. Lest you,

bind my arms as you

do it will be all to keep

me from riot, from



You Fucking Please

Breathe you in, I wish to.

Oh, the fullness that you

might give me. Oh, the

satisfaction in doing what

you fucking please.


From Within

What used to singe

my skin, my heart;

well, it now doesn’t

but twinge. And, I can’t

tell if that’s strength or

defeat, displacancy, from



Echoes we choose not to hear

What isn’t clear,

is what got us here.

You? Me?

Sad thing is, I think

it was we.


Growing Up

Be an adult.

Either, change the

things you want to change.

Or, get the fuck over it and

accept what you’ve chosen

by your apathy and inaction.