Hold Your Line, Hold Your Life

And it’s a fight daily;

bar back demons in your head. 

The things you just aren’t doing;

what you choose instead. 

Trade offs to concessions,

for what you think will be 

of matter in the end. 

Fuck it. Do what makes you. 

Do what makes you free. 


Head down, Hands bound – 4/19/16

Don’t you ever forget

who you are. Don’t you,

bend to break; for no one.

And if so then you best set

the routine; immerse yourself

in that which makes you. In that

which makes you free.



Breathing Back Youth – 4/18/16

Off. And out. And old.

Letting adulthood suck

breath out of my mouth;

so unromantic. With tongue.

Music. And coffee. And the afternoon.

Have me breathing back youth;

just in time for Monday.



I Can See For Miles – 4/17/16

An instant!

All that it takes to find yourself;

a world, within the world.

And oh, how I hope to live

here for days.


About Oneself – 4/11/16

For years you’ve sat alone, 

beside yourself; not in. 

Waiting. A bystander

 to the shame of such 

inauthentic assumption 

about oneself. 


To Live and to Breathe; Not the Same Thing. – 3/20/16

When you, are getting it back;

and, how it feels so good. 

Swear you wouldn’t trade 

anything for the return; 

the realization 

that you’re alive.