Hold Your Line, Hold Your Life

And it’s a fight daily;

bar back demons in your head. 

The things you just aren’t doing;

what you choose instead. 

Trade offs to concessions,

for what you think will be 

of matter in the end. 

Fuck it. Do what makes you. 

Do what makes you free. 


Job Posting – 5/30/15 

You’re my everlasting, or at least, 

I’d like you to be. 

A job, that always seems 

to find its way vacant.

I can promise so much for you 

but also know,

there’s so much I will take. 

Proverbial ‘lot to handle’. 

And it hurts when they stop 



Will You Stay – 5/3/15

Try. I’ll always try. 

And, I’ll buckle before 

your suggestion 

that I should,

my dear. 

Will you, love me 

for who I am 

at base? 

As I’m trying, 

will you stay?