Needle In the Hay x Infinity

Elliott in my ears.

And, it has been what seems

like years, since I’ve listened.

Since, I have felt what he means;

and every damn thing that follows

from listening.


Hold Your Line, Hold Your Life

And it’s a fight daily;

bar back demons in your head. 

The things you just aren’t doing;

what you choose instead. 

Trade offs to concessions,

for what you think will be 

of matter in the end. 

Fuck it. Do what makes you. 

Do what makes you free. 


Of life 

My lungs cannot balance 

the offset of this suffocation;

no intake of air enough to make

even the choke; of forgetting. 

Of, forgetting yourself. 

Your passion. 

Of, forgetting why you’re doing 

this damn thing anyway; of life. 


Depth Of 


I am, 

I will





When you’re good; they don’t ask. 

No one comes to bang the door of 

a happy girl, all dolled in smiles. 

And then. Right then, and there 

is how she crumbles; unto

the canyon just below,

toes, having just 

danced the edge. 


Midnight Sky

Driving in to the

darkness of you

illuminates answers

as stars in the sky.