Keep You

Keep you alive

through the only life line

that I haven’t managed to sever.

Words; and how I need them

to keep you alive forever.


A time, in a life, of a person, on a rock, in the universe. 

A life that has moved 

on from me;

A surround 

of cottony clouds 

on the bluest day. 

Away, was always 

their intention.

Cannot fault them for that. 
A sadness, in subtle hum

as I sit among treasures. 

Breath so gilded. 

And, I do not know 

what evaporates gold,

but it must run true in me. 

Despite the time

The universe —


it still exists

be it a forgotten song,

the slant of a line

the universe —


it still exists

despite the time.


Needle In the Hay x Infinity

Elliott in my ears.

And, it has been what seems

like years, since I’ve listened.

Since, I have felt what he means;

and every damn thing that follows

from listening.


Year over year over year 

What was I 

ever doing 

and what am I 

doing now. 


black book;

the names of people 

I thought I’d still know. 


Where I Can Get Some Space

Not sad; just, still. 

My eyes don’t even well, 

until – I feel the future tense. 

Christmas Carol ghost 

that won’t fucking leave me 

alone; ever since I chose that

one present action. 


Strange Pathways 

Iterations of life, 

and I’m not half right, 

most of the time. 

Back to you; it’s what

I’ll always do 

in the purgatorial 

spin of aftermath 

from said action.